ameleo is a constantly growing international advisory network of lawyers, tax advisors, auditors and management consultants.

In a complex regulatory environment in both the private and corporate sectors, ameleo offers comprehensive assistance from a single source. The strong network enables ameleo to offer holistic advice that bundles core competencies. Through the close cooperation of our global partners, we are able to successfully and cost-effectively handle complex and international mandates.

Due to ameleo’s Single Point of Contact principle, the trusted contact person is always at the client’s side. This means that it is not necessary to change the contact person for different areas of specialisation. Nevertheless, the network of advisors guarantees the highest level of professionalism and competence in the handling of the mandate.

The absolute relationship of trust and availability within the framework of competent and goal-oriented support from a single source is our service.

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Our philosophy – advantages for our clients

The necessary expertise is guaranteed by the years of practical experience, specialist knowledge and commitment of our international team of advisors.

The Single Point of Contact principle is based on the ameleo management partners’ own experience from their activities in the management of domestic and foreign companies.

The increasing regulatory requirements not only necessitate a strong dovetailing of know-how in business law and tax law, but also often require the involvement of experts with singular knowledge in a wide range of special fields. This is all the more true when international issues are involved. Likewise, legal problems in the private sector can very quickly reach a high level of complexity.

For each client, an advisor familiar with the matter is available as a single point of contact, who handles all problems to be solved for the client in cooperation with the required specialised advisors. Absolutely trustworthy and discreet processing is thus guaranteed and communication losses are excluded. The client is continuously informed about the processing status and the costs. The Single Point of Contact facilitates coordination and enables the client’s instructions to be implemented more quickly. The Single Point of Contact does not change and is the client’s first point of contact for all questions.

The Single Point of Contact ensures that specific problems are dealt with by the most suitable specialists, regardless of whether they belong to ameleo. Discretion is guaranteed at all stages of the work.

Problems are examined from different angles. This results in approaches to solutions that might not have been recognisable through a singular approach. Creative, realisable solutions are an essential part of our success.

are an essential part of the of our company’s DNA and philosophy.

experienced . practical . international

Comprehensive Advisory Services

The Single Point of Contact principle enables ameleo to provide its clients with comprehensive advice via one contact person and allows for a holistic handling of highly complex cases. ameleo is active in the following areas:

  • Strategic & financial advisory services

  • Tax consultancy

  • Legal advice

  • Auditing

experienced . practical . international


Lawyers, tax advisors, auditors and management consultants are involved in the ameleo network at the following locations:



experienced . practical . international




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